[INTERVIEW] Dreamers

This isn’t a lucid dream – Dreamers exists in the form of a band with musical, lyrical, and comedic genius. The combination of grunge-rock with a psychedelic aesthetic placesDreamers in a categorical universe all their own. With the release of their self-titled debut EP just last month, the trance-inducing effect of those four songs is truly stellar.

Hailing from Seattle, Nick Wold (vocals/guitar) and Chris Bagamery (drums/backup vocals) made up half of Motive, a rock band formerly based in Brooklyn. After the dissolution of Motiveinto the universe, the dream was not just yet dead for Nick and Chris, and thus, Dreamers was born. With the seemingly perfect addition of Nelson (bass/backup vocals), the still Brooklyn-based trio has seen cosmic success with their infectious first single, ‘Wolves.’

Dreamers truthful lyrics, animated visual aesthetic, and transcendent energy take all of us dreamers into a creative vortex that many bands lack today. It’s not just an image; it’s a message, an inspiration, and a call for action – to dare to dream. The dudes of Dreamers sat down withJoonbug.com right before their performance at the Pancakes and Whiskey Holiday Partyat Rough Trade to talk about their upcoming album, touring in the new year, creating a dream machine, and the dopeness of it all.

So you were all former members of the band Motive?

Nick: No actually, just Chris and I. Nelson is the newcomer. 

Oh my bad. Well how does it feel being the newbie Nelson?

Nelson: It feels great! I met these guys and I was like immediately smittin’ with what they were doing, so I was really happy to join up.

Were you in any other bands previously?

Nelson: I’ve been in countless bands, but not any big bands. I was just sort of a slut playing with everybody.

A musical whore.

Nelson: I was a musical whore! I kind of just played with everybody that needed a bass player. But then, when I found these guys…

Chris: Yeah, we’re monogamous.

Nelson: Exactly. This was a marriage right out of the gate. I was like, “I am 100% in with this.” I was so excited.

For Nick and Chris then, how has the music you previously created with Motive influenced the music you now create with Dreamers?

Nick: This band is just a logical progression from the last, so to us, it’s kind of the same thing, just more fully realized. Like we’ve done it all the before, so now we have the experience and feel like we know what we’re doing. But it was really a clean slate, like a new band, all new music, all new songs. We felt creatively that it was something completely new.

Any cons to that?

Nick: Uh, I can’t think of any.

Chris: I can’t think of any either. It was like a second draft. We had our first run through, we toured the country, we got to wet our teeth, or whatever the expression is. We sort of put all the groundwork in place and now we’re able to just reap the benefits.

What would you say is the biggest difference between playing in Dreamers and playing in your previous band?

Chris: Well there’s a lot more joy. We still love the other guys, no bridges were burned and we’re all still friends. It just made a lot of sense.

How about when you’re playing on stage or recording?

Nick: Well we used to be four guys and now we’re three. We found our producer Danny Kalb, who’s the man, and we love recording with him. We went to Virginia to record our album, in like this cabin studio in the woods, and it was just way different than anything we’ve done before. So we’ll probably repeat that definitely in the future.

So do you guys have more room on stage to dance now?

Nick: Yeah! And the stages are getting bigger as well.

Chris: Well there’s more room in the van. More room in the hotels.

That must mean no more cuddling and spooning then?

Nelson: I mean, unless we want to, but we don’t have to.

Nick: Yeah, we’ve mastered the spoon triangle. You’re not even gonna wanna know how it works.

Definitely later, but let’s talk about your name. Are you guys trying to start a movement of dreamers? Because even you’re Twitter handle (@DREAMERSjoinus), seems to call for a community.

Nick: Yeah, so our thing is like, Dreamers is not only just us, but also everyone who joins us – all the people that listen, all the people that come to a show, everybody who’s in the room we’re playing, they’re all dreamers. We’re all dreamers, so it’s kind of like a cult.

Chris: And we have a thing on our site where people write their dreams.

What do you do with the dreams?

Chris: We read them and then put them up on the wall, and we’re gonna make a whole wall, kind of like a serial killer, put pins in them, get colored yarn, and connect the pins and try to build a story based on the dreams.

Nick: Yeah, and we created this computer that collects all the dreams, and once we have the dreams of every human being in the world, we’re gonna create the ultimate super conscious computer dream machine.

Chris: Yeah.

Nick: And it’s gonna survive in the form of a basketball player with mad dunks.

Alright, cool. And have you ever thought about making someone’s dreams come true?

Chris: Actually, we do that on a regular basis in our personal lives because um, you know, there’s some lucky ladies.

Nick: That’s always the drummer.

Chris: Yeah, only me.

Nick: Our goal is to make dreams come true. We love the double meaning of how the word ‘dreams’ means like a goal and a thing you aspire to, but also it means that crazy, psychedelic experience that you have every single night. It’s that duality that we hope to make come true.

Do you think you bring that duality through to your music?

Nick: Yeah, certainly. The duality of weird, insane, craziness that you can’t understand, and the very clear, kind of things that you can understand.

Chris: Yeah.

Nelson: Yeah.

Nick: I don’t know, that’s the first time I’ve said that. I’ll work on it.

Good, that means it’s the first time you’ve been asked that. So, about your music videos, where does that creativity stem from?

Nick: I don’t know, we love making visuals. Our songs are rock songs, so we like to make sure they’re in a space which is kind of different and crazy, and then kind of displays what we think of it and what we think of when we hear this music. And we like to just have fun with it and get weird because videos are fun to make and we make them all ourselves.

Chris: We have a lot of ideas for the next ones coming up. They’re gonna be doper.

Nick: The dopest.

Chris: Or as dope. At least as dope. Never will they be less dope.

Nick: We also have help from our awesome friends who are artists making a lot of stuff with us. Like Nikolai Vanyo is a great filmographer, and so is Frank Young.

Chris: Yeah, and Sarah Baker who makes clothes. She made that jacket right? (points to Nick’s jacket)

Nick: Yeah she made this jacket. And I make a lot of the artwork with our manager, Ari Goldstein, who makes a lot of the artwork we have online on our website. He’s also an artist. Just like, living in Brooklyn, there’s tons of artist friends that we have that are ready to do something for us. It’s a great thing.

Speaking of Brooklyn, since we’re at Rough Trade, if you could snag anything from the record store downstairs, what would it be?

Nick: Mudhoney. I just saw they have a sweet collection down there, and I want to get some honey in my mud.

Nelson: They have a really good repackaging of The Stooges Fun House, with the outtakes, and I do not have that, and I want it. And they have guitar pedals too, and I would just take every one of those if I could.

Chris: If it’s any thing, I would take that new drum trigger machine down there. If it’s a record, I’d see if they have any old Pryor.

What can we expect from Dreamers in 2015?

Chris: Well we already got the dope videos, so that’s gonna happen for sure. There’s also gonna be dope music that’s going to accompany the dope videos. And mad dope tours.

Nelson: We’re gonna tour everywhere.

Chris: It’s gonna be called “The Hella Dope Tour”.

Nick: We also just got this hella dope new van too. We had a ’93 and now we have a 2000, so that’s 7 years of safer-ness.

Chris: Hopefully that van will make it to everyone’s hometown.

So there’ll definitely be a tour?

Chris: Oh yeah! We’re going everywhere, and then we’re going everywhere again.

Nick: If it’s in America, we’re going there. If it’s in Canada, we might be going there.

Chris: We’re for sure going overseas.

How about a full-length album?

Nick: Yeah. It’s already recorded. We’ve released a couple things from it, and we’re gonna release the whole thing at an undisclosed time in the near future.

Chris: So it’s great because we have the finished product, but we’re also still feverishly writing and playing new stuff. So we have the finished product, but we can also augment it with the new stuff we’ve been working on, which is maybe even doper than what is already on the finished product, you know? So it’s like a win, win…win.

It’s a limitless dopeness.

Chris: A limitless dopeness…that’s a keeper.

Nick: But the album’s called This Album Does Not Exist.

But the dopeness does.

Nick: Oh yeah, it’s undeniable.

Chris: You have now named second album, The Dopeness Does Exist.