The Neighbourhood – “#000000 & #FFFFFF”

The term “Sweater Weather” has become a trending hashtag, and basically a whole new season, as The Neighbourhood’s hit single of the same name has gained massive public approval. Forming in 2011, these California natives are no strangers to creating music that is captivating. Their music conveys inspiring artistry, with intense lyrics that are woven with brutal honesty.

The five-member band first appeared on the scene with two free, self-released EP’s in 2012– I’m Sorry…. and Thank You. With “Sweater Weather” belonging to the first wave, it was no surprise that The Neighborhood’s first full-length album, I Love You. took the #1 spot on Billboard’s Alternative Chart. Since the success of that release, the band has put out another EP (The Love Collection), was featured on The Amazing Spider-Man 2soundtrack, and has been working on a mixtape set to be released on Thanksgiving.

The Neighbourhood gradually released tracks off the mixtape one song at a time, starting in April, with the hauntingly broody “Silver,” the completely instrumental yet not lacking Unfair”, and the utterly raw Lurk.” With such positive reception, the band then released Jealousy in May. The track features Casey Veggies & 100s, a shout-out and a sample of Weezy’s “A Milli”, and a surprisingly sexy saxophone solo. H8M4CH1N3” (Hate Machine) then dropped in August, and featured rapper Danny Brown, who is as unique as the track itself. In September, warm featuring Raury was released, with harrowing lyrics and haunting sounds that are rife with disappointment and defeat. Their most recent track, #icanteven,” was put out just a couple days ago and seems to fittingly be a retaliation to that heartbreak. With help from French Montana, lead singer Jesse Rutherford stands up to a falsified love because, like everyone else, he “can’t even.”

The mixtape will be released under the name #000000 & #FFFFFF, the hex codes for black and white, and the underlying theme of the band itself. The hex code can be seen as a way for The Neighbourhood to allude to a sort of genetic code for the a group. Since the launch of the first track off their first EP, they have consistently stayed true to themselves through the band’s monochromatic mix feed of videos, images, and live performances. Despite the seemingly simple and basic color combination, The Neighbourhood’s tracks, themselves, are anything but. There is a genuine mix of truth, emotion, and rawness in every song. Each contains elements such as subtle allusions to hip-hop, the introduction of different instruments, and captivating background beats that support and enhance the main lyrics. Overall, there’s as much creativity flowing from this band as there are tattoos on its members’ collectively-covered bodies!

So while you’re listening to a drunken uncle yell about football, or to your own stomach admitting defeat this Thanksgiving, save a little room to swoon over The Neighbourhood’s #000000 & #FFFFFF.