Odesza x Rough Trade

There’s always that one person at a concert who you notice is feeling those chillwave dancey vibes perhaps a little too much. On Thursday night, that one person was me in front of Odesza as the duo performed at the Brooklyn record store turned venue, Rough Trade.

Photo Credit: Leah Marks

Photo Credit: Leah Marks​

Barely encroaching into dusk, Seattle natives Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight kicked off the Governor’s Ball After Dark series to a sold out, enthused crowd at 7p.m. Although earlier than any show I had ever been to, to my surprise the mixed-age crowd was full of happily groovin’ fans. With only a 45 minute set ahead, Odesza played all the favorites including “How Did I Get Here” from their debut album to “Sun Models” and “All We Need” off last year’s hit Summer’s Gone. The duo remained true to their roots, emanating their classic dreamy sounds through atmospheric melodies, soulful beats, and mesmerizing vocals.

Not strangers to overwhelmingly festival-sized crowds, the two were genuine in their excitement to play NYC, even to our comparatively miniscule 250-person capacity.

The show ended with Knight as he announced it was Mills’ birthday. Immediately breaking out into song, the crowd serenaded the humble half of Odesza as he bowed and laughed along with Knight’s quip, “Give it up for Harrison, it’s his 16th birthday!”

Photo Credit: Leah Marks

Photo Credit: Leah Marks

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